WIW Instruments and Musician Biographies

MARGARET  ERIN Director  Recorder, Viola da Gamba, Crumhorn - Margaret started playing the recorder as a child in England. She attended early music workshops in England, Ireland and the United States.  Margaret later studied viola da gamba with Patricia Olds at the Early Music Center in Yellow Springs, Ohio and at Wright State University (graduating Magna cum Laude, B.A. Music). Margaret has a Master of Humanities degree and was the recipient of the WSU Outstanding Humanities Graduate Student Award for 2002, and the Outstanding Music Alumni Department of Music Award for 2007-2008. She enjoys doing historical research and writing the scripts and narratives for the groups performances.   She started Wind in the Woods in 1990.  Margaret started and directed a student early music ensemble from 2001 to 2010 at the University of Dayton where she currently teaches recorder and viola da gamba.

Contact Margaret at windinwood@sbcglobal.net

 Wind in the Woods is pleased to announce that there is a new member in our group.

 Sarvani Nicolosi is a mezzo-soprano.  She studied voice at Sarah Lawrence College and studied with Isabelle Garcisanz in Paris. She later went on to receive her MA/JD at the University of Cincinnati.  She sang with the Cincinnati May Festival Choir.  Sarvani’s singing truly enriches Wind in the Woods music and we are delighted that she has joined us!

AAA014.jpg (47859 bytes)      Margaret is holding a bass viola da gamba, notice the six strings and frets.  Also notice that  this instrument is played with an"underhand" bow hold that is different from the bow hold on  a violin.   "Da Gamba" is Italian for leg. The viola da gamba (or viol) comes in two smaller sizes, the tenor and the treble, these are also rested on the calves of the legs.  The viol is related to the lute/guitar families, and is tuned in  fourths like a guitar, except for one pair of  strings which are a third apart.   From the lowest string up they are D - G - C - E - A - D -  the instrument has a four octave range.

        For more information on the Viola da Gamba, go to




JENELLE ALLEN: A former clarinetist, Jenelle has enjoyed playing the recorder since childhood.  

She has been active in local early music ensembles for a number of years, and has performed as a soloist in churches throughout the Miami Valley. 

She also enjoys playing the crumhorn and viola da gamba.  Jeni has a Master of Library and Information Science degree and is a Children Services Librarian for Washington Township/Centerville Library.

Jenelle is pictured playing the great bass recorder

For more information on recorders go to http://www.americanrecorder.org/




  LAWRENCE (SKIP) PITZER Recorder, lute, guitar,  crumhorn. Skip received a B.F.A from Miami University (Ohio). He started the Guitar Department at Wright State University. He taught classical guitar at Cedarville University for many years and currently teaches guitar and lute at Wittenberg University in Springfield Ohio. At Wittenberg Skip has been the instrumental director of the early music ensemble "Kalliope." Skip has studied and played the lute since 1975, and performs extensively throughout Ohio as a solo classical guitarist and lutenist.

Skip is seen here playing the lute - the lute is a plucked fretted instrument, the strings are in pairs (like a mandolin) with an extra single string - this lute has thirteen strings in all. 

Interested in guitar or lute lessons - email Margaret at windinwood@sbcglogal.net, and she will forward your email to  Skip.

For more information on the lute go to http://www.music.iastate.edu/antiqua/lute.htm


AMY VAUBEL  voice, harpsichord, recorder, crumhorn, percussion:  Amy holds a Bachelor of Music degree with concentrations in voice and choral conducting   and a Masters in Music Education from Wright State University. Amy has directed choirs at WSU and at United Theological Seminary in Dayton.  She is currently the Director of Traditional Music at Kirkmont Church in Beavercreek.

For more information on crumhorns go to http://www.recorderhomepage.net/crumhorn.html

Amy, holding a bass crumhorn

Amy playing Margaret's Italian Virginals -  a sixteenth century version of the harpsichord.  The strings run parallel to the keyboard rather than horizontally, as is the case with a harpsichord.   The row of white ojects are called jacks - a small plastic plectra projects from each jack and plucks the string when a key is depressed.





Michael Mattimore, recorders, crumhorns, kortholt, shawm

Michael received a B.M. in Theory & Composition from Wittenberg University and a Masters in  Music Education from Wright State University.  He began playing the recorder while in high school, and later studied with Shelly Gruskin and LaNou Davenport of the New York Pro Musica. He taught at the Early Music Center in Yellow Springs, was a founding member of the Early Music Group (later the Greene Consort) and is retired from teaching instrumental music in the Springfield City Schools.  Michael has played basoon with several different orchestras. He  has taught the recorder at Antioch University, the Springfield Community Schools Program and Chantry Music Press in Springfield.  With Wind in the Woods Michael plays recorders, crumhorns, and kortholt – he is holding a kortholt in the picture.

For information on the Kortholt, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kortholt