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Lawrence Pitzer, Michael Mattimore, Jenelle Allen, Amy Vaubel, Margaret Erin,

1990 - Celebrating our Thirtieth Year - 2020
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Available for: Recitals, Weddings, Anniversaries,  Educational Programs, Festivals, Parties, Dinners

Wind in the Woods is a versatile ensemble which brings to life medieval, renaissance and baroque music.  Our mission is to encourage interest in early music, to entertain and to educate. Instruments used include recorders, crumhorns, cornamuse, kordholt, gemshorn, viola da gamba, and lute.  Voices blend delightfully with these instruments and are regularly featured. A performance can be customized to fit a particular event. The group can consist of two to six musicians. Narrrative and costume are optional.

Your ensemble has such a wonderful musical rapport with one another.The sounds or "arrangements" you create are vibrant and interesting. It's clear you all are passionate about the music and very experienced and knowledgeable. You were wonderful!
Elizabeth Haskins,
Collegium Director, Music Faculty,
Wilmington College Ohio

Hearing Wind in the Woods is a visually and aurally stimulating experience that provides a wonderfully fresh opportunity to hear early music.
Dr. James P. Coleman,
Chair, Music Department
Cedarville University

When I decided to have a Renaissance-style wedding, I had no idea what to do about music at first.  I'm SO glad I found Wind in Woods.  You were incredibly professional and unobtrusive, the sound level was ideal, and, not only was the style of music perfect for my theme, you came dressed in period costume.   You were like the icing on my cake - the perfect completion to the picture I was trying to make.  Thank you so much!!"  -
Wendy Seidl
HSP Marketing Assistant

The performance and the plan for the performance were both so skillfully accomplished that it appealed to everyone.
Ellen Jane Porter Ph.D
Composer, Conductor

Because of your love and dedication to the art of music, the students now possess a lasting memory of lovely late Renaissance and early Baroque sounds.
Sharon H. Nelson D.M.E.
Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Wright State University


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