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A Journey through Christmas Past
Dessert Reception
Saturday, December 16 2023
Kirkmont Church
3377 Shakertown Rd, Beavercreek, oh 45434

Wind in the Woods concert this year includes music from the 12th Century to late 18th Century. As well as travelling through time, the program carries us to many lands, including England, Scotland, France, Italy, Spain, and the Basque country and to the areas now known as Belgium, Holland and Germany. Our Christmas flight of fancy even takes us to Canada (The Huron Carol) and concludes with music by the American composer William Billings. If you would like to hear Christmas music that is less often performed as well as traditional and more familiar sounds then join us for this unique tapestry of medieval, rennaissance, traditional and baroque music. Below you can read more about William Billings, courtesy of Wikipedia.

William Billings was born in Boston, Province of Massachusetts Bay. At the age of 14, the death of his father stopped Billings' formal schooling. In order to help support his family, young Billings trained as a tanner. He possibly received musical instruction from John Barry, one of the choir members at the New South Church, but for the most part he was self-taught.[2] Billings had an unusual appearance and a strong addiction to snuff.[3] His contemporary wrote that Billings "was a singular man, of moderate size, short of one leg, with one eye, without any address & with an uncommon negligence of person. Still, he spake & sung & thought as a man above the common abilities."[4] Billings' wife died on March 26, 1795, leaving him with six children under the age of 18.[5] He died in poverty in Boston on September 26, 1800. His funeral was announced in the Columbian Centinel: "Died- Mr. William Billings, the celebrated music composer. His funeral will be tomorrow at 4 o'clock, PM from the house of Mrs. Amos Penniman, in Chamber-street, West-Boston

When you come to the concert, keep your ears alert for a mention of Lucrezia Tornabouaoni - below is some information from Wikipedia about this remarkable woman!!

Lucrezia Tornabuoni (22 June 1427[1] – 25 March 1482[2]) was an Italian noblewoman, wife of Piero di Cosimo de' Medici, de facto Lord of Florence[3] and his political adviser. Lucrezia had significant political influence during the rule of her husband and then of her son Lorenzo the Magnificent, investing in several institutions and improving relationships to support the needs of the poor. She was also a patroness of the arts who wrote several poems and plays. Lucrezia was well-educated for a woman of her time. She was very capable in mathematics and finances, well-versed in literature, rhetoric, and theology, and read many texts in both Latin and Greek[4] besides her native Italian. Lucrezia may be represented in three scenes in Ghirlandaio's frescos in the Tornabuoni Chapel: The Visitation, The Birth of the Baptist, and The Nativity of Mary.[5]